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Grande Baía Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau O desafio do século para Macau

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay Area (AGB) represents Macao’s most important challenge since the Special Administrative Region was created in 1999.

It represents not only a challenge, but also a huge opportunity for the Government of Macau, businessmen, young people, businesses, Portuguese-speaking countries interested in partnerships in China and for innovation.

AGB’s plan clearly defines Macao’s role over the next 15 years and sets dates and deadlines for the objectives to be met.

Macau should be a “Tourism and Entertainment Center” and a “Platform for relations between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.” The plan also highlights the relationship between AGB’s 70 million residents and free movement in the Delta River. Pearls

To this end, China has launched an interconnected infrastructure development plan that includes roads, railways, airports and ports to enable AGB’s 11 cities to stand side by side in terms of development.

The plan also sets other objectives for Macao, namely the development as a financial services platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, the establishment of an export credit insurance system and the development of an RMB clearing center for the Portuguese speaking countries.

This book presents expert opinions and government policy on the goals of the AGB and how Macao can secure a proactive and dynamic position in the South China region, alongside the remaining 10 cities.

In fact, AGB represents a unique and historic opportunity for Macao residents and businesses. It is now up to the Government and the private sector to take advantage of this great opportunity that begins in 2019.

Publisher: International Institute of Macau (IIM)

Coordination: Gonçalo César de Sá

Authors : José Luis Sales Marques, Louise do Rosário, Mark O´Neill and Paulo Figueiredo

Colaboration : Maritime Silk Road Association (Macau)

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