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History of East Timor

The History of East Timor – between myths, memory realms, Macao and the challenges of cultural anthropology – by Ivo Carneiro de Sousa is a compilation of revised articles published between 1995 and 2011. Professor Carneiro also tackles issues such as ethnicity, languages and East Timor’s pre-colonial history.


The historian and researcher explores the lineages and political alliances, the colonial rule and the Portuguese and Lusophone-Asia legacies in Southern Asia. The Philippines, Timor, King Philip II and the relations between Timor and Portugal in the XVI century is also a chapter of book that sheds light on many events of that period. Also revealed in the publication is the history of Macao-East Timor relations, the missionaries and Chinese emigrants. The book was published in Macao by EWIAS East -West Institute of Advanced Studies.


Ivo Carneiro de Sousa is a historian, trained in demographic, economic, social, cultural and religious history. Since 1983, he has become engaged in the academic movement of solidarity with East Timor. He has coordinated the Universities Network for East Timor since 1994 and the Portuguese Centre for the Study of Southeast Asia since 2001.


He has since been researching Macao History and Anthropology as well as China and Portuguese-speaking countries relations through the platform of Macao since having moved to the city in 2006.

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