Book Of The Week

Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta is China’s economic powerhouse. From a largely rural area in southern China, it has been transformed into a global factory in less than four decades; it is now a modern, industrialised metropolitan area with over 60 million inhabitants.

The book “Pearl River Delta – From World Factory to Global Innovator” attempts to explore deeper the region’s economic future. With a detailed profile of each of the nine cities, we highlight the continuing modernisation of industries and infrastructure which the PRD is making under China’s national 13th Five‑Year Plan (2016‑2020) the Belt & Road initiative and the Greater Bay Area Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao

In this new era of development, Macao will integrate more closely with the PRD economically, with the completion of the Hong Kong‑Zhuhai‑Macao Bridge and with its joint development of Hengqin with Zhuhai.

The  book will serve as an useful information tool to those wishing to join the PRD’s next stage of growth.

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