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The New Silk Road and the Portuguese Speaking Countries in the New World Context

This book deals with a geopolitical issue that is shaping the evolution of the XXI century – the development by China of its New Silk Road strategy that encompasses a continental and a maritime dimension – and the intersection of this crucial geopolitical and geo-economical project with the role that Portuguese speaking countries may fulfil in the fantastic global journey that is on course.

Authors:Fernanda Ilhéu, Paulo Duarte, José Nelson Bessa Maia, Wilson Bragança, Victor Borges, Francisco José B.S.Leandro, José Eduardo Garcia Leandro, Carlos Martins Branco, Pedro Neves, Carlos Patrício Fernandes,Francisco Murteira Nabo, Albertina Dias e José Luis Sales de Marques

Editors: Fernanda Ilhéu, Francisco Leandro and Paulo Duarte

Publisher:Instituto Internacional de Macau and Associação dos Amigos da Nova Rota da Seda

Collection: Suma Oriental

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