Alcino Izata

A influential voice in the Angolan Government

In his professional and political career, Alcino dos Prazeres Izata Francisco da Conceição, whom replaced Ricardo Viegas Abreu in July as Secretary for Economic Affairs at the president´s cabinet, climbed to power with the support of two of the most influential figures in the current Angolan political context – Manuel Vicente, former vice-president and current “eminence grise” of the regime, and Ana Dias Lourenço, first lady and “informal” adviser of President João Lourenço.

After completing a post-graduate degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Amiens, France (1998), he joined the Ministry of Planning. Here, Izata´s impressive skills quickly led him to be promoted to head of the Department of Multilateral Development Aid. In 2007, he reached the position of head of the Department of Economic Studies and Prospects.

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